You Only Have What is Here and Now was a site-specific installation created for the HomeBase IV project. This piece is a replica Poul Henningson Artichoke Lamp created from reclaimed wood, and using drywall cut out from the walls of the clinic itself.

The HomeBase Project is a unique public art project which creates a platform for a multi-disciplinary artistic exploration, by planting itself for two months in the heart of a vibrant urban community, outside of the gallery's 'white box', and by promoting cross-cultural dialogue and a community-based examination of the notion of Home. HomeBase IV artists included award winning playwright David Bar Katz (US), installation artist Willum Geertz (Holland), photographer Oded Hirsch (Israel), installation artist Sandra Lee (Korean-American), artist Pessi Margulies (Israel), performance artist J .Morrison (US), photographer Paul Sepuya (US), artist Dafna Shalom (Israel), photographer Abby Robinson (US) and artist Letha Wilson (US), special projects by guest artists and HomeBase team members.


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