Fountain in the exhibition
There's No Place Like Utopia at FiveMyles
October 25 - December 15, 2008

Extended: Fountain on view at FiveMyles until February 2009
Fountain is a sculpture made using drywall and wood reclaimed from art gallery walls, and an artist's studio walls. In this piece the form of a classical water fountain is invoked, typically present in a garden or entryway as a symbol of the utopian ideal. Walls and building materials previously used to house artworks, complete with paint stains and remnants of their past life, are re-newed into this functional water fountain. The drywall materials will gradually deteriorate away over the course of the exhibition as the paper and rock-based materials are worn down by constantly moving water.

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Artists: Kim Brandt and Walsh Hansen / Rob de Mar / Ben Finer / Janet Henry / Eleanor Himmelfarb / Gerald Jones / red quickness / Adam Simon / Jude Tallichet / Letha Wilson
Curator: Matt Freedman

558 St. Johns Place, Brooklyn, NY 11238