This piece was on view summer 2008 at Socrates Sculpture Park in the exhibition Waste Not, Want Not:

Gallery Garden (Jasper Johns) was an outdoor sculpture made entirely from used walls and building materials reclaimed from art galleries. The multi-level planter housed trees, vines and flowers, as well as benches to provide a public seating area. The former gallery walls lost their pristine status as they were brought out into nature to be taken over by the plants and the natural elements. Building materials for this piece were donated from two New York art venues: plywood from the Dark Fair, presented by Milwaukee International and held at the Swiss Institute, and gallery walls from the Jasper Johns: Drawings 1997 - 2007 exhibition at Matthew Marks Gallery. Soil and plants were generously donated by Plant Specialists. The perennial plants from this piece have been re-planted around the Socrates park grounds. For more images of the piece click here.

The exhibition Waste Not, Want Not was curated by Robyn Donahue with Alyson Baker and Marichris Ty.

Artists in the exhibition were:

Jonathan Allen
The Canary Project (Annie Murdock, Ed Morris, Jussara Lee)
Tony Feher
Lars Fisk
Miwa Koizumi
Rainy Lehrman
Carole Frances Lung
Julian Montague
Macrae Semans
Austin Shull
Courtney Smith
Shinique Smith
Jade Townsend & Michael Petersen
Paul Villinski
Letha Wilson
Randy Wray